Be Street Safe Practical Self-Defence Training and Advice
Be Street SafePractical Self-Defence Training and Advice

Recommended kit

With the exception of belts at gradings, and club badges, we don't supply personal kit. Training equipment including kick shields, training sticks and guns, focus pads and safety mats are supplied by the club for shared use. 


To begin with...


To start with all you will need is comfortable clothing with no zips or metal fittings that you don't mind getting "roughed up" a bit. Old sports kit is ideal.


Before your first grading...


You will need a club T-shirt, trousers and a white belt. MMA style gloves, a mouthguard and shin guards are recommended but are not mandatory.


You may want to buy a judo gi later.  Because our syllabus involves grappling, A t-shirt can be torn and a gi is a good alternative. The heavy gis (Blltiz Silver and Diamond) are recommended but be careful with respect to the trousers as some come with ties and some with elasticated waists - and you are likely to prefer one over the other. 


Most Blitz equipment is also available via Amazon, and you can find the links to our favourite products on the Other Resources page.


After your first grading...


You need to add gloves (most students choose MMA gloves as they can be used for grappling and sparring), shin guards and a mouthguard before you can advance much further as we cannot allow you to spar without basic safety equipment.


You might like to consider a groin guard and forearm guards for the self-defence aspects of the syllabus. They are not mandatory but some techniques can be quite painful on the forearm and the occasional accidental tap to the groin is almost inevitable.


As a dedicated long term student you might want...


Most senior students have their own focus pads and some add a kick shield, punch bag, or other equipment for use in their own time. 

The COVID pandemic put an end to our regular business, but we are still available for consultation and special events.