Be Street Safe Practical Self-Defence Training and Advice
Be Street SafePractical Self-Defence Training and Advice

Eight hours of training for £20

Our four week introductory courses are designed to expose you to all the key elements of self-defence. Classes are always small and you will get lots of highly focused training customised to your needs. These classes are ideal for small groups or families to train together. While the courses standalone, they act as a perfect introduction to our full syllabus. Naturally there's only a limited amount that can be taught in just eight hours, so we also give you some homework to do. No previous knowledge or experience is needed, and you won't need any special clothing or equipment.


Because we are a non-profit club and dedicated to helping people protect themselves we have set the price really low. This training works out at just £2.50 an hour, incredible value. What's more we will deliver the course to groups between two and six people for £30 total. Prices available on request for larger groups. We can also come to your office or workplace to train you or your staff. The price will vary depending on where and when you want this training delivered as we have more costs to cover. Please email for details.


To sign up, or to have your questions answered, please email us at

What you will learn

  • Self Protection
    • Identifying and avoiding danger
    • Escaping before trouble starts
    • De-escalation
  • The Law
    • The legal basis for self-defence - what you can and can't do.
    • When you can and should strike first
  • Basic Physical Self Defence:
    • The fundamentals of power generation
    • Weight distribution and the basic fighting stances
    • Close range strikes (hook, upper cut, elbow, hammerfists, knee)
    • Medium range strikes (jab, cross, power slap)
    • Long range srikes (pushing kick, groin kick, roundhouse kick)
    • Blocking cricular and straight punches
    • Dealing with the most common assaults
    • How to use common objects (a phone, bag, etc.) to defend yourself
  • In close and on the ground
    • Playing for grips (forearm / neck; back / triceps; neck / neck
    • Response to bear hugs, chokes and clothing grabs
    • Dealing with an opponent on the ground, and getting up again

The COVID pandemic put an end to our regular business, but we are still available for consultation and special events.