Be Street Safe Practical Self-Defence Training and Advice
Be Street SafePractical Self-Defence Training and Advice

Be Street Safe - Self Protection Training

We believe in providing high quality self-defence and self-protection training along with fitness and fun.


Be Street Safe is the self-protection arm of Chelmsford Combat Karate a British Combat Karate Association club located in Chelmsford. Students can opt to learn self-protection only or our blended self-protection / karate syllabus. The programmes are mutually compatible and based on the same principles drawing from practical karate, Krav Maga, self-defence and health & fitness resources. 


Our syllabus page details what you will learn. Or check out our introductory courses


We are dedicated to the practical application of karate for self-defence. Our style is definitely karate, but we believe that effectiveness is more important than tradition so we will modify technique and borrow unashamedly from other styles. Our philosophy is that physical fitness and mental toughness are critical to the success of self-defence. Consequently we place a lot of emphasis on training that improves strength, power and stamina. Many of our members come along just to get fit and stay fit. We are a friendly and inclusive group of people with women forming over 30% of our active members. 


The most important aspect of our training is to ensure it is practical and relevant for self-defence and not hidebound by tradition. Many modern karate schools no longer teach students practical karate. That's okay as long as they are honest about it, but many aren't. Take a look at our simple breakdown of why your karate (or any martial art you have seen in use, including judo, BJJ, and even some "self-defence" classes) might not be teaching you what you need.


Other pages have more detail on our syllabus and links to our core bunkai


While you are here, why not check out our Practical Karate Guide? Whether you are an instructor or student of karate, this section is packed full of suggestions on how to make your karate more practical for self-defence without fundamentally changing its nature.

We meet every Sunday from 09:30 - 11:30 at the Newlands Spring Community Association Hall, Dickens Place, Chelmsford. If you'd like to join us, just turn up on the day at about 09:15 -  no charge for the first session. We also run four week introductory courses to help kick-start your self-defence journey. Email us for details of when the next course starts.

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