Be Street Safe Practical Self-Defence Training and Advice
Be Street SafePractical Self-Defence Training and Advice


Training is 09:00 - 12:00 every Sunday in Chelmsford. New joiners, trial sessions, etc., please let us know that you are coming and arrive at 09:45. Extra and special events are listed below.


A trial session is free of charge. Until the first grading (after about three months and 12 sessions), students can pay per session or take advantage of our monthly rates. After the first grading we expect students to pay monthly. We have to take this approach as the venues charge us per month and as our club is run on a not-for-profit basis we have to carefully balance income from students to expense. If you decide to continue training after your free trial we'll let you know the current rates as these change occasionally to ensure we never make a profit. At the moment it is £30 per month for adults, and £20 per month for under 18s and those in full time education. The monthly fee includes a free badge for your gi (max one per year), a belt each time you grade (there is no grading fee) and your annual license (normally £22). 


Date Event
14 April 2019 Club closed for Iain Abernethy seminar
21 April 2019

Club closed for Easter

28 April 2019 Grading for all grades up to 1st Kyu
28 July 2019 Club closed for summer holiday
4 August 2019 Club closed for summer holiday
22 December 2019 Last training session of the year
5 January 2020 First training session of the year

During the COVID panic we are not running in person lessons. Hopefully from June 2021 we will be able to run our four week introductory courses to help kick-start your self-defence journey. Email us for details of when the next course starts.

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